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Cally (Red Dapple/white, long coat- Mini Dachshund)

Cally (Red Dapple/white, long coat- Mini Dachshund)


Meet Cally, our adorable red dapple Mini Dachshund with a luxurious long coat. Cally is AKC registered, ensuring that she comes from a reputable and pedigreed bloodline. We guarantee that Cally is in excellent health and comes with a health guarantee, giving you peace of mind as you welcome her into your home. Her loving and affectionate nature makes her the perfect companion for anyone looking for a loyal and devoted four-legged friend. Don't miss the opportunity to bring Cally into your life and experience the joy of having a mini dachshund by your side.


Born 12/13/23, Ready 2/7/24

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